some links


What's a website without links I ask you? Hmm?  Most of these are as useless as any you might find accross the net.

Cymbalholic - those forever looking for that perfect Tony Williams ride cymbal...

A page devoted to Roland electronic drums

Mountain Bike Review  - an amazingly useful site for mountain bikers

Road Bike Review 

SheldonBrown - Guru of Gears

NY Cycle Club

NY Road Runners

Kestrel Bikes

Calfee Bikes - people doing strange things with electricity

Gizmodo. The latest gadgets and stuff you don't need.

Smoke - best jazz bar in NYC

The Ding Dong Lounge

Memepool - this mostly dead site started so much I can't even say.

WFMU - world's best radio station

The Church of the Subgenious

A weird site. Always changing.

What would Tyler Durden do?