I, Musician?


On good days...

I've played drums since I was 9. Been banging on cans, boxes, pots and pans for many years before that. For two years, my next door neighbor was Bernard Purdie. I used to beg his kids to let me play his drums. Every now and then he'd have a party and I'd sit at my window while Aretha Franklin was singing in his living room.

I went through the usual progression: Years of lessons; Bands; Tinitus. The Beatles phase lasted a few years. The Kiss obsession lasted just a few months and was replaced with what I was hearing on records my brother and sister left behind when they went away to college: Genesis, Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc.

College years replaced my fantasy of being Billy Cobham with being Stuart Copeland. I found Gang of Four and the Clash. Yes was set aside for the Dead Kennedys. I've been a fan of jazz and soul through thick and thin. For the past dozen years or so I've been a big lover of 1960's garage and psych bands. 


Ultimately I think there are just two kinds of music. Bad and Good. And I love them both. 

Here's a list of some random musical interests

Names of bands I played in growing up

Wolfhaven! Now this band is great and I have a lot of fun playing with these guys. The name, quite honestly is a total coincidence.

I've been gigging with Adam Lakes. We play around nyc about every other month. His tales of Love-Gone-Wrong always put a smile on my face.


I count myself lucky when I get to play my friend Tyler's songs. Go listen to The Visit.

I'm honoured to be a on a few songs on Josh McIlvain's CD, The Supermodel Who Loved Me by The Generals of Sexcop.

Joshy D tells me he's going to release the long lost Josh Diamond and the Brooklyn Soul CD one of these days. One of the songs was used on a big time TV show.